Monday, July 22, 2024
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Rahul Gandhi: BJP’s Control Over Institutions Leads to Paper Leaks

Rahul Gandhi: BJP's Control Over Institutions Leads to Paper Leaks


Rahul Gandhi Over NEET UG 2024 Row: Congress leader Rahul Gandhi on Thursday attacked the Centre over the raging NEET and UGC-NET controversy across the country. He said that all paper leaks are happening because the Bharatiya Janata Party has taken control of all institutions

In the wake of all the controversy brewing around the conduction of the medical entrance test NEET, Rahul Gandhi clarified that it was the Ministry of Education that ordered the cancellation of UGC-NET following apprehensions that the integrity of both the examinations may be put into jeopardy. He mentioned that the matter has been handed to the CBI.

Rahul Gandhi pointed out that the BJP was placing their people everywhere. It is because of this, said Rahul, these leaks occur. An organization has captured the educational system of this country and has inducted their people everywhere, he stressed. This needs to be countered, he added, while launching a scathing attack on the central government over destroying the autonomy of educational institutions in the country.

He said that vice-chancellors should be appointed on the basis of merit, but the government is placing their own people in these positions. He said BJP is corrupting the education system and due to infiltration of the BJP in the education system, this kind of incident is taking place. He drew a parallel between how Prime Minister Modi crushed the economy with demonetization and how the same is being done to the educational system now. He questions who will take responsibility for the paper leaks. He has further condemned the different rules for every exam and added that it is not right. He said that there were street protests by students over the leaks and demanded that the NEET exam be canceled with immediate effect.

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