Wednesday, July 24, 2024
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“Rahul Gandhi should not just hold the Constitution, but read and follow it: KTR”

"Rahul Gandhi should not just hold the Constitution, but read and follow it: KTR"


 KTR mentioned that at the national level, both Congress and BJP are the same. He expressed hope that justice would be served by the High Court regarding party defections. KTR stated that they have come to Delhi to discuss the issue of party defections with legal experts. He showed the media some news articles titled ‘Congress wonders and oddities’ related to party defections. He pointed out that Rahul Gandhi promised junk at Thukkuguda. Congress, in their legal documents, promised to amend the anti-defection law. KTR suggested that Rahul Gandhi should not just hold the Constitution but read and follow it. KTR questioned what was being offered to the MLAs and said that they were being taken into the party without knowing the details. He said that in Telangana, the so-called legal documents are actually unjust.

KTR reiterated that at the national level, Congress and BJP are the same and expressed hope for justice from the High Court on the issue of defections. If justice is not served by the High Court, they will approach the Supreme Court. They have consulted constitutional legal experts and will meet the Election Commission, the President, and the Lok Sabha Speaker. KTR mentioned that they will expose the misdeeds of Congress at the national level. He highlighted that previously, the Congress Legislative Party, TDP, and BSP merged. If 26 people leave at once, it is not a merger, but if they leave one by one, it is defection, not a merger, KTR said. He stated that by-elections are certain in the constituencies where party defections have occurred. He questioned Congress on how they inducted their MLAs. KTR asked if it was acceptable for Congress to have 30 out of their 99 MPs join another party. Congress started the defections in Telangana. He hoped that the Speaker would take action against those who defected and mentioned that if the Speaker does not take a decision, they will fight a legal battle.

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