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Rahul Gandhi’s mic is being muted in Parliament: Congress

Rahul Gandhi's mic is being muted in Parliament: Congress


The Congress party claimed that Rahul Gandhi’s microphone was turned off when he raised the issue of the NEET paper leak during a special session of Parliament. The opposition parties demanded a discussion on the matter, leading to the adjournment of both houses. Before the adjournment, Rahul Gandhi raised the issue in the Lok Sabha, but Congress alleged that his microphone was turned off. A video shared on social media (X) showed Rahul Gandhi requesting Speaker Om Birla to allow him to speak.

The Congress stated, “Prime Minister Modi has remained silent on the NEET paper leak.” Rahul Gandhi is raising his voice on behalf of the youth. Even at such a crucial time, turning off the microphone to silence the youth’s voice is a conspiracy by the central government.” However, Speaker Om Birla clarified that he does not have control over MPs’ microphones and explained that other issues could not be recorded during the discussion on the President’s address.

Opposition leaders had moved a motion to adjourn and discuss the NEET paper leak issue. Although the Speaker suggested discussing it after the debate on the President’s address, opposition leaders continued their protest. With the Speaker refusing to allow a discussion on the NEET paper issue, opposition leaders raised slogans, causing an uproar in the house. To manage the situation, the session was first adjourned until 12 PM and later postponed to July 1 due to continued protests.

Rahul Gandhi demanded a discussion on the NEET paper leak and a statement from the central government. He emphasized, “The NEET paper leak issue is a critical matter for the youth of the country. Prime Minister Modi should lead a meaningful and respectful discussion on this issue in the house. The government and the opposition must work together to address students’ problems and send a message from Parliament.”

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