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Railway Line Connecting These Areas to Capital Amaravati    

Railway Line Connecting These Areas to Capital Amaravati


In Andhra Pradesh, with the change in government, new projects are gaining momentum. Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu is planning to expedite the completion of Amaravati. During the initial phase of Amaravati’s establishment, the then TDP government planned numerous projects. The current government is taking steps to revive these projects. While the government is strategically advancing the development of Amaravati, several organizations are also stepping forward in the same direction.

The previous TDP government had planned for a railway line in Amaravati, and now the Railway Department is swiftly taking steps for land acquisition for this railway line. As part of the development of Amaravati under the previous TDP government, it was decided to construct this railway line. However, some TDP leaders claim that the YSRCP government has neglected this railway line project. They criticize that not a single step was taken forward for the railway line due to a lack of support from the previous government.

For this railway line, the government needs to provide some land for acquisition. Local residents discuss that the previous government, citing various reasons, did not move forward regarding funding. As soon as Chandrababu Naidu was sworn in as Chief Minister again, the Railway Department focused on this project. Steps have been taken to lay a new 56.53 km line from Errupalem in Khammam district, Telangana, through Amaravati to Namburu. The Railway Department has issued a gazette notification for the crucial land acquisition required for the project.

Amaravati Railway Line Connectivity:

During the previous TDP government, Amaravati was connected to Vijayawada on one side and the Guntur railway line on the other. The new Amaravati railway project involves a 56.53 km double line from Errupalem to Amaravati to Namburu, a 24.5 km single line from Amaravati to Pedakurapadu, and a 25 km single line from Sattenapalli to Narasaraopet, totaling 106 km of new lines. However, due to neglect by the previous government, there was no progress for six years. With the change in government, work on the project has gained speed.

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