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Rajamouli leaked a peculiar scene from RRR that astonished everyone !

Rajamouli leaked a peculiar scene from RRR that astonished everyone !


Recently, the leads of RRR Rajamouli, Jr.NTR and Ram Charan have a long chitchat among them about the film with their rising excitement ahead of its release. During their funny conversation, both Charan and Tarak have made multiple engrossing comments about the epic.

The director Rajamouli specially highlighted the animals scenes inculcated in the film. Tarak said that he is more curious to experience the audience’s reaction when they watch the Anacondas sequence which is peculiar to digest while watching it. He says that the gigantic scene will surely grab the attention of the audience and make them unforgettable.

Explaining the sequence, Rajamouli said that the makers have used water hoses for this scene to accomplish, and he too is feeling excited to see the response from the audience regarding the scene. He also claimed that he got the thought in one of his earlier shooting spots. With the director’s words, we can remember that the water hose scene was shown in the glimpse of the movie.

While coming to the part of Charan in the film, he said he likes the firecrackers scene which boosts the fire element related to his role. Rajamouli also explained how they used lasers to compete with animal movements while shooting the scenes with some animals and Komaram Bheem role. At last, the trio have concluded their chat with loads of positive hopes on the film.

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