Thursday, July 25, 2024
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Rakshith Shetty: Sensational Comments on OTT Platforms

Rakshith Shetty: Sensational Comments on OTT Platforms


Kannada actor Rakshith Shetty, well-known to Telugu audiences through films like “777 Charlie” and “Sapta Sagaralu Dati,” has made sensational comments about OTT platforms. Besides acting in films, Rakshith also produced a series named “Ekam.” Despite the series being completed almost three years ago, in 2020, no digital OTT platform has purchased it yet. Speaking on this matter, Rakshith expressed his displeasure with OTT platforms, which has become a hot topic on social media. Here are the details.

Rakshith Shetty, who produced the series “Ekam,” responded on Twitter regarding its streaming. He wrote about the series as follows: “We planned to release the ‘Ekam’ series in January 2020, which seemed like the right time for a web series in Kannada. The pandemic caused a break. We finalized it in May but waited for an OTT platform. However, none stepped forward, causing dissatisfaction. OTT platforms are prioritizing Telugu, Hindi, Tamil, and Malayalam content more. It’s unclear why they are not buying Kannada content. They are only picking big hit films for OTT. The unfortunate reality is that the Kannada industry is lagging behind all others,” Rakshith posted on Twitter.

This post has now gone viral on social media. Some people comment that there might be truth in Rakshith’s words. It remains to be seen whether OTT platforms will come forward to purchase Kannada films and series in the future. Observing the last three years, the demand for OTT platforms has significantly increased. Many films are directly streaming on OTT. Hence, there might be a chance for this series to be purchased by an OTT platform. For now, Rakshith Shetty has launched his own platform with a website for the “Ekam” web series. The series will be streaming from July 13 on []( Please share your opinions on this matter in the comments.

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