Thursday, July 25, 2024
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“Ram’s Cinematic Tribute to Patriotism and Sacrifice”


“Ram (Rapid Action Mission)” is an eagerly anticipated patriotic film set to release on January 26th, Republic Day. The movie has already captured attention through its compelling teaser and trailer. Produced by Deepika Entertainment in collaboration with OSM Vision, the film marks the directorial debut of Mihiraam Vynateyaa and introduces Surya Ayyalasomayajula as the lead actor, with Dhanya Balakrishna playing the female lead.

The pre-release event witnessed positive feedback from industry insiders, with Vivek Kuchibhotla, head of People Media Factory, expressing optimism about the film’s content despite the challenges faced during production. Producer Bekkem Venu Gopal praised the film’s honesty, particularly its focus on portraying soldiers and their sacrifices. Lead actor Surya highlighted the collective effort of friends who funded the project, emphasizing the collaborative spirit behind the scenes.

In a commendable gesture, the producers announced their commitment to donate Rs. 5/- from every ticket sold to the National Defence Fund, dedicating the film to the soldiers of the country. Dhanya Balakrishna expressed gratitude, underscoring the team’s dedication and encouraging audience support for the film.

“Ram” aspires to make a meaningful contribution to the cinematic landscape with its patriotic theme and social responsibility. The film not only promises entertainment but also aims to honor the sacrifices of the nation’s soldiers, making it a noteworthy addition to the upcoming releases.

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