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Rana Naidu Season 2: Final Stages of Shooting… Streaming Date?       

Rana Naidu Season 2: Final Stages of Shooting... Streaming Date?       


Rana Naidu Season 2 Senior Tollywood hero Victory Venkatesh has a large following among audiences of children and families. With his comedy and sincere acting, Venkatesh has established himself in the industry. A Venkatesh movie used to be synonymous with heartfelt scenes and hilarious moments. In any case, things have changed at this point. These days, films without masala content have less possibility of becoming hits, driving Venkatesh to adjust in like manner.

Last Walk, he acted in a strong web series called “Rana Naidu.” This was Venkatesh’s first series, and it had a big, action-packed idea. It also featured young hero Rana, who co-starred with him in the lead roles. When it debuted on Netflix last year, this show was well-received by young people. Notwithstanding, since it was Venkatesh’s most memorable series and contained strong scenes, his fans and family crowds were astounded.

Seeing Venkatesh, who had never wandered into the striking substance class, showing up in such a series stunned quite a large number. The series made a critical mix at that point. Many individuals scrutinized why such satisfaction was being streamed. Despite the discussion, the series experienced no harm; in fact, its popularity grew even more. Subsequently, it became one of the most-watched web series across India. With this series, both Venkatesh and Rana’s names earned extensive respect.

A sequel to the “Rana Naidu” series was announced as a result of the youth’s enthusiastic response. At present, the going for Season 2 of this series is advancing quickly. Venkatesh and Rana are working hard on Season 2, and important scenes involving the two of them are being shot in Mumbai.

Venkatesh and Rana are said to have spent some time in Mumbai specifically for this shoot. As of late, it was uncovered that the shooting of this series has arrived at its last stage. The creators intend to finish the whole shooting by the following month, July, and delivery “Rana Naidu Season 2” in September. An authority update in regards to the delivery date is normal in August. This second season will be directed by Suparn Verma and Karan Anshuman.

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