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Rayalaseema Samithi Demands Major Budget Allocation for Irrigation Projects

Call for Significant Budget Share

The leaders of the Rayalaseema Saguneeti Sadhana Samiti have called on the government to allocate 41% of the Andhra Pradesh state budget to irrigation projects in the Rayalaseema region, which represents 41% of the state’s land area. Additionally, they seek 20% of the state budget to further develop the irrigation infrastructure, ensuring parity with other more developed regions of Andhra Pradesh. This demand was voiced during the 8th anniversary of the Siddeswaram Alugu foundation event held at Sangameswaram in Nandyal.

Broad Participation and Support

The event saw participation from a wide array of stakeholders including farmers, lawyers, student associations, and representatives from various people’s organizations, totaling hundreds of attendees from the eight districts of Rayalaseema. The broad support underscores the widespread concern and the urgent need for improved irrigation facilities in the region.

Formation of Rayalaseema Special Irrigation Commission

The Samithi leaders have called for the creation of a Rayalaseema Special Irrigation Commission. This commission would oversee the effective management and timely execution of key projects such as the Gundrevula Reservoir, Vedavati Lift Scheme, Tungabhadra Upper Parallel Canal, and the RDS Right Canal. These projects are critical for maximizing the utilization of available water resources in the region.

Protection of Water Rights and Completion of Key Projects

Ensuring the protection of Rayalaseema’s legal water rights is a top priority for the Samithi. They highlighted the necessity of completing major irrigation projects that were promised under the state bifurcation act, such as the Telugu Ganga, Galeru-Nagari, Handriniva, and Velugonda projects. They also demanded the construction of the Dummugudem-Nagarjuna Sagar tail-pond project, which would allow the saved Krishna water to be directed to these critical projects.

Advocacy for Decentralization and Development

In addition to their irrigation demands, the leaders are advocating for the decentralization of state resources and administrative offices. They are calling for the establishment of a high court bench, the Krishna River Management Board office, and hubs for seeds and horticulture in Rayalaseema. They also seek the establishment of agriculture and horticulture universities and other state-level offices in the region to boost local development and governance.

Urgent Need for Action

The leaders of the Rayalaseema Saguneeti Sadhana Samiti emphasized the urgency of their demands, stressing that the irrigation projects need to be undertaken on a war footing. The proper management and swift execution of these projects are crucial for the full utilization of water resources, which in turn, would significantly enhance agricultural productivity and overall development in Rayalaseema.

Conclusion  for balanced regional development and fair allocation of state resources. By addressing the irrigation needs and advocating for decentralization, the leaders aim to ensure sustainable growth and improved living standards for the people of Rayalaseema. The state government’s response to these demands will be pivotal in shaping the future of this significant region.

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