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Renukaswamy Case: Shocking Details Emerge, Calls for Severe Punishment for Actor Darshan and Pavitri Gowda

Renukaswamy Case: Shocking Details Emerge, Calls for Severe Punishment for Actor Darshan and Pavitri Gowda


Renukaswamy from Chitradurga was kidnapped, brutally tortured, and killed before being dumped in a sewer. The police investigation revealed that Renukaswamy died due to electric shocks and severe kicks to his private parts by actor Darshan. This has led to widespread support for Renukaswamy across Karnataka, with demands for severe punishment for Darshan and his accomplice, actress Pavitri Gowda. Several celebrities from the Kannada film industry have already made shocking comments on Darshan’s actions.

The murder of Renukaswamy has created a sensation in the Kannada film industry. In this case, Bengaluru police have arrested actor Darshan, his girlfriend actress Pavitri Gowda, and seventeen others. Police stated that Darshan, along with his fans, killed Renukaswamy in a fit of anger because he had sent obscene messages to Pavitri Gowda on social media. After kidnapping Renukaswamy from Chitradurga, they subjected him to brutal torture and eventually killed him by giving him electric shocks and kicking him in the private parts, as revealed in the police investigation.

The public across Karnataka is demanding severe action and punishment for Darshan and Pavitri Gowda, showing support for Renukaswamy. Many celebrities have already expressed shock over Darshan’s actions. Numerous issues regarding Darshan’s behavior with other actors on film sets have also surfaced.

While many actors are calling for Darshan to be punished, some are supporting him. In addition to the murder of Renukaswamy, several past controversies involving Darshan are coming to light, putting him under increasing scrutiny. Recently, Tollywood actor Naga Shaurya made a post in support of Darshan, expressing his belief in Darshan’s innocence and stating that Darshan is a good person. He shared a photo of himself with Darshan on Instagram.

“When I hear about the deceased person’s family, my heart breaks. I hope they find strength in this difficult time. Darshan brother would never harm anyone, even in his dreams. He has helped many people with his kindness and is always ready to assist those in need. I trust the judiciary. The truth will come out soon. It is not right to criticize and judge Darshan before knowing the facts of the accusations. I believe Darshan will be proven innocent, and the real culprits will be brought to justice. These false accusations are causing immense pain and sorrow to Darshan’s family. Please respect their privacy during this difficult time,” Naga Shaurya wrote in a lengthy note. Naga Shaurya’s post is currently going viral on social media.

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