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“Revanth’s Open-Door Policy and the Dynamics of Governance, Accountability, and Spiritual Neutrality”

In a recent statement, Revanth expressed a welcoming approach for opposition party leaders, inviting them to discuss public issues at any time. He extended this invitation not only to BRS MLAs but also to leaders like KCR and KTR. Revanth assured that if he’s unavailable, Deputy CM Bhatti is accessible for meetings. He highlighted the readiness to address public problems and allocate funds in the budget for promised implementations.

Addressing the anticipation around KCR, Revanth mentioned that despite speculations, nothing substantial occurs when KCR emerges. He added that the public and youth are prepared to confront any challenges if necessary.

Revanth shared plans to release a white paper on the irrigation department during upcoming assembly meetings. There are ongoing vigilance inquiries into corruption within the department, and Revanth has requested the Chief Justice to appoint sitting judges for a thorough investigation. He affirmed that actions are being taken against irregularities from the previous government in accordance with the law.

In a notable comment, Revanth urged to keep politics separate from religion, emphasizing that deities like Lord Rama in Bhadrachalam should be visited without associating them with political motives. This stance reflects an attempt to maintain a distinction between matters of governance and spiritual beliefs.

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