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Rising Concerns on the Begging Industry of Pakistan

Rising Concerns on the Begging Industry of Pakistan


Alarming Situation on the Begging Trend to Government

The begging problem in Pakistan has not only troubled the nation but also raised concerns within the Pakistani government. While the government is, metaphorically speaking, begging for aid from other countries, begging has become a full-fledged industry within the country. That has alarmed the concerned authorities, who, fascinatedly, see an influx of nationals joining the profession of begging.

The Begging Industry in Pakistan

The chest-deep economic crisis has compelled Pakistan to beg before the international community for aid. Frustrated and tired from facing financial instability, the citizens have turned to begging. Nothing remains hidden from the art of begging; even small towns are indulging in this business. The situation does not remain confined within the boundaries of Pakistan; instead, it has exported beggars to other countries.

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Organized Begging Abroad

A number of Pakistanis flock to these countries, principally Saudi Arabia, in the garb of religious pilgrimages but indulge in begging. The Pakistani Ministry of Foreign Affairs has even recognized this fact and has accepted that a large number of beggars go to Saudi Arabia on visiting visas with begging as the intention. Tens of thousands of Pakistanis are in countries like Saudi Arabia, Iran, and Iraq, of whom many beg instead of looking for any productive work.

30 Million Beggars in Pakistan

The Pakistani foreign ministry estimates that 30 million people in Pakistan rely on begging to survive. With a population of over 240 million, the magnitude of the begging industry is vast. In cities such as Karachi, the number of beggars is overwhelming. Half a million beggars are estimated by local authorities in Karachi. During Ramadan, another 300,000 beggars travel to Karachi from all parts of the country.

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Begging Produces $42 Billion Annually

Several estimates are that millions of Pakistanis beg abroad, bringing important sums back home. Organized begging is estimated to bring in hundreds of millions of dollars and is subsequently invested back into the nation of Pakistan. It holds as if this industry is supporting the fiscally challenged country. A beggar in Karachi can make a minimum of 2,000 rupees a day, while one in Lahore makes 1,400 rupees daily, and one in Islamabad makes approximately 950 rupees per day. Beggars make an estimated $42 billion yearly in this way, which is above 12 percent of Pakistan’s GDP.

Begging as the Last Option

Begging has turned out to be the last option for many Pakistanis who present an overview of the crippling unemployment and ever-increasing inflation. Begging has turned into an organized industry where a gang leader takes handsome profit. Thus, it has become a means of livelihood not only for them but also for the people who arrange and manage these begging gangs. It has given rise to internal friction along with scores of complaints from abroad thus it has become a headache for the Pakistani government.

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