Monday, September 25, 2023
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RRR film Press Meet

The worldly-wise director Rajamouli’s masterwork RRR is approaching the audience just within 10 days. It is the most anticipated feature film that oozes excitement among the audience, no matter what the region is. The film will become the feast of the spectators’ eyes, featuring proficient actors which is a tale of two legendary revolutionaries cross swords against British colonialists in the span of 1920s.

As the film is going to hit the screens on March 25th, the troupe has commenced its promotional activities. Today, the director along with the lead actors Jr.NTR and Ram Charan have fraternized with Telugu Print and Web media. Rajamouli’s words define Jr.NTR as the vigorous character in the film and Ram Charan has possessed many miracles in his acting. At the press meet, the team wore decent T-shirts that contain RRR logos and they look serene.

The following are the pictures of the movie team at the press meet

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