Thursday, July 25, 2024
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Sam Pitroda Reappointed:

Sam Pitroda Reappointed:


The Congress High Command has reappointed Sam Pitroda as the Chairman of the Indian Overseas Congress. Congress President Mallikarjun Kharge issued orders to this effect. Previously, Pitroda held the same position but resigned due to the controversy caused by his comments during the general elections. Now, the Congress Party has once again appointed him.

During the Lok Sabha elections, Sam Pitroda made a statement about inheritance tax, which became politically controversial. Prime Minister Narendra Modi used this statement as a weapon, widely promoting that the Congress would seize people’s properties if they came to power. The Congress Party also countered this narrative with equal intensity.

Pitroda’s comments describing India as a diverse country sparked controversy. In an interview, Sam Pitroda stated that India is an example of democracy worldwide. He recalled that our freedom fighters fought against the British to achieve a secular nation. Highlighting India’s diversity, Pitroda mentioned that people in the east look like Chinese, those in the west resemble Arabs, northerners appear Caucasian, and southerners resemble Africans. The BJP used his comments to their advantage.

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