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‘Samayama’ going viral

Natural star Nani and ethereal beauty Mrunal Thakur have come up with a sweet romantic number ‘Samayama’. This is the first single from ‘HiNanna’, in which both Nani and Mrunal share screen space. The beautifully made lyrical video has become an instant hit on Youtube and trending on X(twitter). Music lovers and movie lovers are already talking about the Samayama single and sharing it on their personal social media handles.

Music director Hesham Abdul Wahab has come up with soulful music for the lyrics written by Anant Sriram. To be fair to him, we can say that he has won the hearts of audiences with this romantic composition. While the lyrical video gives a glimpse of Nani and Mrunal’s cute couple moments, it is visually very appealing. Anurag Kulkarni and Sithara Krishna sang it. Lyrical video is made by Arun Pawar and he needs to be appreciated for his work. Viswa Raghu is the choreographer for this song.

HiNanna movie is being directed by ShouryUV and produced byMohan Cherukuri and Dr Vijender Reddy Teegala on Vyra Entertainments banner. Sanu John Varghese is the cinematographer.

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