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“Sandeep Kishan Pledges Support to Kumari Aunty Amidst Street Food Business Woes”

The unpredictable journey of Kumari Aunty, a street food vendor, on social media took an unexpected turn as her popularity surged. Known for serving love-infused dishes like chicken, mutton, and fish curries, her business gained immense attention, with some rumors speculating daily earnings of three lakhs.

Reels and videos featuring Kumari Aunty went viral, notably with the humorous reference to high bills and extra livers. Celebrities, including Sandeep Kishan, joined in the craze, further elevating her fame. However, success brought challenges as her bustling business faced restrictions from traffic police due to traffic issues and a lack of proper permits.

The story took a new turn as Kumari Aunty expressed frustration at being singled out while many others operate street food businesses. Sandeep Kishan, acknowledging her as an inspiration, pledged support on Twitter, stating that his team would be in touch to assist her. Amidst this, online reactions vary, with some expressing genuine concern for her struggles, while others caution against excessive attention and speculate on underlying motives. The saga of Kumari Aunty reflects the intricate dynamics of fame, challenges, and support in the age of social media.

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