Thursday, July 25, 2024
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Sarath Kumar: on 200 Crore Wedding: “Keep It Private”

Sarath Kumar: on 200 Crore Wedding: "Keep It Privat


There’s no need to introduce senior Kollywood actor Sarath Kumar to Telugu audiences. Once a hero who impressed with good movies, Sarath Kumar now captivates audiences with his roles as a villain and in supportive roles. His daughter, Varalaxmi Sarath Kumar, has also entered the industry.

Unlike many, she has earned a unique position for herself as a villain rather than as a heroine. This once-chubby actress has slimmed down and turned into a heroine. On July 2, Varalaxmi married Nikolai Sachdev, whom she loved. Sarath Kumar hosted the wedding grandly.

Currently, the couple is busy on their honeymoon. However, there are rumors that Sarath Kumar spent crores on this wedding. Additionally, it was rumored that Nikolai, who has assets worth crores, gifted Varalaxmi a diamond saree and jewelry worth Rs. 200 crores. Sarath Kumar responded to these rumors, addressing the wedding expenses rather than the gifts given by his son-in-law, and clarified that there is no truth to these reports.

“I can’t even fathom where such money would come from.” These news stories are completely false. When people don’t know the facts, they should stay silent instead of spreading such misinformation. Spending so much on a wedding, why? I conducted my daughter’s wedding like any common person. Please don’t spread false news based on assumptions without knowing the actual facts,” he sharply replied. This statement has clarified that the news was false, and the topic has gone viral on the internet.

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