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Sarojini Devi Hospital Responds to Diwali Firecracker Injuries in Hyderabad

During the two-day Diwali celebrations in Hyderabad, numerous individuals suffered eye injuries from firecracker accidents, leading them to seek treatment at Sarojini Devi Eye Hospital. Approximately 50 people were provided medical attention, with four individuals experiencing severe eye injuries, necessitating surgical interventions for three of them.

Among the cases treated were Krishnamurthy (5) from Bachupally, Rigved (11) from Siddipet, Joseph (25) from Kompally, and Suman Kumar (18) from Budvel. The severity of their injuries prompted surgical procedures, while one patient remained under observation. Rajalingam, the hospital’s superintendent, emphasized the importance of consulting doctors rather than resorting to self-medication for those with eye injuries caused by firecrackers. The incidents highlight the need for caution and adherence to safety measures during festive celebrations involving fireworks.

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