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Sashimadhanam Review

Sashimadhanam Review


Recently, many web series have been released, but there are very few that feature cute love stories and comedy. Even OTT has been bringing quality content, and now it has released the web series “Sashimadhanam.” This series started streaming today, July 4. Directed by Vinod Gali under the Mark My Words Entertainments banner, “Sashimadhanam” features the popular couple Sonia Singh and Siddhu Pawan as the main leads, who gained fame from YouTube videos and series.


The story revolves around Madan (Siddhu Pawan), who lives with his elder brother’s family and loses money playing cards with a gambler named Betting Bhaskar, ending up in debt of over two lakhs. Fearing Bhaskar, Madan decides to hide at his girlfriend Sashi’s (Sonia Singh) house when her family leaves for a wedding. However, on the same night, Madan arrives, the wedding gets canceled, and Sashi’s family returns home. The plot follows how Madan hides from Sashi’s family, how they manage when relatives visit, how Madan disrupts Sashi’s marriage proposals, who discovers Madan’s presence, and whether the family eventually approves of their relationship. Additionally, it explores whether Madan’s brother’s bike is returned and if Madan repays his debt.


Recently, most web series have been bold, suspense thrillers. Cute love stories with good emotions are rare, and “Sashimadhanam” is one such series. It will appeal to those who enjoy love stories. Besides the love story, each episode maintains suspense about what happens next. Although some films have shown boyfriends or girlfriends managing to stay unnoticed in their partner’s house, this series revolves entirely around this concept.

Despite the series mostly being set in one location, the storytelling keeps it engaging without becoming boring. The tension of Madan hiding and Sashi and Madan’s comedic moments are well-written. The series features six episodes, with the first episode being slightly slow until the main story picks up. After that, it becomes very interesting. The two songs in the series are good, including a romantic song. This series will resonate with those in love, and viewers will fall for the characters of Sashi and Madan.


Sonia Singh and Siddhu Pawan, already popular for their short films and series, perform charmingly in this series. As a real-life couple, their on-screen chemistry is delightful. Pradeep, playing Sashi’s father, brings a lot of humor. Ashok Chandra, playing Sashi’s grandfather, provides both humor and emotion. Keshav Deepak impresses as Madan’s brother. Senior actress Roopa Lakshmi excels as Rangamma. Other actors, including Avanti Deepak, Srilalita, Venkatesh, Kritika Rai, and Kiriti, also deliver commendable performances.

Technical Aspects:

The cinematography is visually appealing, with fresh visuals that suit a love story. The editing is perfect. While the songs are good, the background score is just okay. Despite the familiar story, the narrative is fresh and engaging. Vinod Gali impresses as a director. The production values are evident on screen, indicating good expenditure.

Overall, “Sashimadhanam” is a cute suspenseful love story that depicts how a lover hides in his girlfriend’s house without her family knowing and the ensuing situations. Rating : 3/ 5

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