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“Save Small Movies”

Popular director Maruthi urged Telugu audience to save small movies. Maruthi attended pre-release function of Kotha Kothaga movie, which is releasing on Sep 9. Speaking during the function, director Maruthi  expressed his love towards small budget movies and requested movie lovers to support and save good small movies by watching them in theatres. He stressed that film industry will prosper only if small movies thrive. 

“Small movies are lifeblood of movie industry. Even I became a successful director with small movies. Film industry will grow only if more and more small movies are made. I request audience to support small movies made with good content. Movie lovers should watch small movies in theatres and encourage good content. Only then producers will come forward to make small budget movies with good content,” said director Maruthi speaking at the pre-release function of Kotha Kothaga movie. He added that he is impressed by the trailers and music of Kotha Kothaga movie. 

Kotha Kothaga movie is directed by Hanumaan Vasamsetty. New comers Ajay and Virthi Vaghani are playing the lead roles. Anand, Tulasi, Kasi Viswanath and others are the supporting cast. Shekar Chandra is the music director. This small movie has garnered attention on social media and is all set for release this weekend. 

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