Wednesday, July 24, 2024
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Scams in Government Schemes: Major Embezzlement in AP Civil Supplies Department

Scams in Government Schemes: Major Embezzlement in AP Civil Supplies Department


Investigation Ordered by Minister Nandendla Manohar

Jagan Govt Scams in Schemes: Coalition leaders are fiercely criticizing the YSR Congress Party (YSRCP) governance over the past five years, accusing it of running the administration with the sole aim of looting and concealing. Allegations are being made that every scheme has been plagued by scams, and one by one, the irregularities of the YSRCP are coming to light. Recently, it has been revealed that there has been a significant embezzlement of over ₹200 crore in the Civil Supplies Department. Minister Nandendla Manohar’s comments on this issue have sparked widespread discussion across the state.

The minister pointed out discrepancies not only in the weight but also in the pricing of pulses and sugar distributed to the poor. He criticized YSRCP leaders for extensively looting even in the distribution of ration meant for the poor. The investigation initiated by Minister Nandendla Manohar has uncovered this scam, finding that each packet was underweight by 50 to 80 grams. Consequently, the minister ordered a comprehensive investigation and demanded a detailed report within a week. He assured that strict action would be taken against those involved in the supply so far. He stated that this is a major scandal and vowed to cleanse the Civil Supplies Department.

Discrepancies have been found not only in weight but also in prices. There has been over ₹200 crore embezzlement in the supply of oil and pulses. Significant discrepancies were also noted in the weight of rice bags supplied to dealers. Despite threats and harassment, dealers have remained silent. Government sources claim that hundreds of crores worth of scams have occurred in the Civil Supplies Department over the past five years. If the allegations proven in the investigation turn out to be true, action is expected to be taken against the responsible parties.

TDP Reveals Misappropriations in Rishikonda Construction

Recently, the TDP government revealed that millions of rupees worth of valuable items have been installed in the buildings constructed in Rishikonda. The Jagan government spent crores of rupees just on constructing the building, and lavish designs were put in each room, with all items imported from abroad. It has been disclosed that crores were spent on setting up a bedroom specifically for Jagan.

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