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“Seethakka’s Development Plans for Adilabad Amid Critiques and Anticipation for CM Revanth Reddy’s Visit.”

Seethakka, the Minister of Panchayat Raj Department, has declared that the journey towards development will commence in Adilabad. Notably, the first public meeting post Revanth Reddy’s assumption as PCC President took place in Indravelli. Seethakka, alongside Manchiryala MLA Kokkirala Prem Sagar Rao, addressed the media at his residence while inspecting arrangements for CM Revanth Reddy’s impending visit to Indravelli.

Expressing dissatisfaction with the nine and a half years of BRS government, Seethakka accused them of exploiting Telangana without tangible benefits for the people. She specifically criticized the positioning of the Kaleshwaram project, labeling it a corruption hotspot alongside the Pranahita project in the joint district. Seethakka alleged that the Congress received power by manipulating the aspirations of the unemployed and vowed to address issues like the shortage of drinking water and the absence of Anganwadi centers in Adilabad.

Looking ahead, Seethakka indicated that with the Congress in power, nurse recruitment notifications would be issued, and development initiatives, particularly in healthcare and water supply, would be prioritized. She highlighted the significance of Revanth Reddy’s visit, detailing plans for performing Bhumi Puja at Martyrs Memorial Park in Indravelli and launching various projects, including the fresh water scheme.

Seethakka, as an advocate for the adivasi community, expressed her happiness in being appointed as the in-charge minister for Adilabad, a district she understands intimately. She urged significant attendance at the upcoming Indravelli Sabha, emphasizing its importance for success in addressing the challenges faced by the region.

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