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Shed collapse leaves six children injured at playground

Shed collapse leaves six children injured at playground


Thane, Maharashtra –  A tragic incident unfolded on Friday when six children were left injured after the shed collapsed onto their football area in action at Thane. The strong winds blew down the shed from a nearby building and fell on top of the playground.

Incident Details

The incident occurred at about 11:42 pm on the 21st of June. According to the Thane Municipal Corporation Regional Disaster Management Cell, there were 17 children playing on a football field at the time of the mishap. This was an intense wind in another society shed that collapsed on the field.

Injuries and Consequent Hospitalisation

According to reports six of the children were injured and were rushed to Bethany Hospital for treatment. Among the injured, the condition of three was reportedly critical, while that of the other three was minor. The RDMC claimed timely medical attention was an important recipe in saving the lives of the children who sustained injuries.

Official Statements

Seventeen to eighteen children were there playing football in the campus,” a spokesperson from RDMC said. “Because of the wind, the roof of another society fell on children. Seven children were injured, out of which four are fine now while three are still critical.”

Not only this, but the incident has also been discussed by him with Maharashtra Chief Minister Eknath Shinde. He wanted to assure that all possible help shall be provided to the families of the children who have been injured and that best treatment is being given to the injured children.

Community and Government Response

Local authorities are taking this seriously, and investigations have been initialized to make sure that this kind of accident never happens again. The public is also advised to ensure carefulness during strong winds and report any kind of hazard to the concerned Authorities immediately.


This’s a tragic incident that brought to the fore the demand for proper safety checks and quick response in cases of emergencies. The Thane Municipal Corporation and the state government work in tandem regarding the aspect of support being given to the affected families and also trying to avoid such incidents in the future.

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