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Shikhar Dhawan’s reaction after being ousted from captain position for Zimbambwe series

As KL Rahul came back into the side, having recuperating from injury, he was made captain for the Zimbambwe series and Shikhar Dhawan, who was also named as captain for the same earlier, was now dismissed from the captain position in the last minute. Team India will next face New Zealand in the three-match ODI series, from Friday in Auckland. Shikhar Dhawan will be leading the side in the absence of Rohit Sharma. This is the third time in this year for Dhawan leading the side, because he had captained during the West Indies ODI series earlier.

Prior to the first ODI against New Zealand, Dhawan was asked about how he felt when he was removed as the skipper for the Zimbambwe series at the last minute. During a pre-match press conference, Dhawan said, “You have asked a good question. I myself consider fortunate that I am getting an opportunity to lead the side at this stage of my career. I feel good about it and it is just a challenge. We have won good series with a young side. If I talk about the Zimbambew tour, KL Rahul is the vice captain of our main team, when he came back, I was mindful of the fact that he had to go to Asia Cup. If Rohit had gotten injured at the time of Asia Cup, the KL might have been asked to lead. So it was better that he had the practice during the Zimbambwe tour.”

He further added, “I was not hurt. I feel that whatever happens, happens for the best. I was then selected as the captain for the South Africa series, the selectors and the team management provided me the chance. I never feel negatively.”

He also spoke about World Cup 2023. He said, “We guys have been performing well for a period of time. At the same time, talking about myself, I have to keep performing. I know till the time I perform, it would be good for me. It keeps me on my toes and keeps me hungry.”

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