Thursday, July 25, 2024
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“Shruti Haasan’s Detective Journey in ‘Chennai Story'”


Shruti Haasan is set to play the lead in the English movie ‘Chennai Story,’ directed by Bafta award-winning director Philip John. Adapted from the novel ‘The Arrangements of Love,’ the film revolves around a Tamil woman operating a private detective agency in Chennai. The storyline unfolds as a British man, portrayed by Vivek Kalra, arrives in Chennai from Wales in search of his missing father and seeks the expertise of the detective, Anu.

This romantic comedy, primarily in English with elements of Tamil and Welsh, explores the decisions made by Anu as she takes on this intriguing case. The film, produced by Indo-UK Production and funded by the British Film Institute in the UK, signifies an international collaboration. Shruti Haasan expressed her delight at participating in a project with a global scope, set against the vibrant backdrop of Chennai.

Interestingly, the role initially considered for Samantha eventually went to Shruti Haasan, who, having taken a break from films for a few years, eagerly embraces this opportunity. ‘Chennai Story’ emerges as a promising venture, combining the talents of the accomplished cast and crew in crafting a unique blend of romance, comedy, and detective intrigue.

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