Thursday, July 25, 2024
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Siddharth says sorry to Revanth Reddy

Siddharth says sorry to Revanth Reddy


Siddharth issued a clarification on Insta after his comments about ‘actors being socially responsible’ were taken out of context. On the occasion of Shankar’ magnum opus  Bharateeyudu 2 press meet in Hyderabad, the actor was asked about Telangana CM Revanth Reddy’s drug awareness initiative. He expressed his full support to Revanth Reddy in his attempt to raise the awareness about drug abuse.

Telangana Chief Minister Revanth Reddy called filmmakers to release the video bits against drug consumption. But this was contradicted by Siddharth who came to Hyderabad as the part of the promotional activities of Indian 2.  Siddharth said, “ A CM can only request an actor but never order him to do anything.”

Actor Siddharth extended his complete support for the campaign, but his statements sparked a debate online.

The controversy started after a reporter questioned whether actors are socially responsible referencing Telangana Chief Minister’s call for actors to create awareness videos in exchange for aid with film projects

Siddharth said, “My name is Siddharth. Telugu people have seen me work for  twenty years. I cooperated with government between 2005 and 2011, held a condom in my hand, and promoted safe s… on billboards in the united Andhra Pradesh.” 

He continued, “That was me being responsible, not because a CM told me to. Likewise, every actor is socially responsible. We do things based on our conscience. Whichever CM requests us, we do it. No CM has by far told us like we will help you only if you do this.”

However, after this incident, Siddharth apologized for what happened and complied with the order delivered by CM Revanth Reddy.

Yesterday Siddharth clarified his statement and apologized.

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