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Silkyara Tunnel Rescue Progress Made as Auger Machine Inches Closer to Trapped Workers.

In the ongoing rescue operation at the Silkyara tunnel in Uttarkashi, a glimmer of hope emerges as an auger machine from the United States drills up to 21 meters. The high-powered machine, operating at a speed of 5 to 6 meters per hour, has successfully penetrated the rubble, marking a crucial step in reaching the 40 workers trapped inside.

Despite facing challenges, the American jack, push earth auger machine has proven its efficacy. The intricate process involves the insertion of large pipes, ranging from 800 mm to 900 mm in diameter, creating a vital ‘escape tunnel’ for the workers. Each pipe, carefully maneuvered through the debris by drilling, contributes to the construction of a passage for the trapped individuals.

The complexity of the rescue operation is evident, with the machine requiring time to weld the inserted pipe and ensure its proper alignment. However, the progress made in drilling up to 21 meters significantly improves the chances of successfully reaching the trapped workers.

Supervised by the Prime Minister’s Office,the rescue operation involves the dedicated efforts of ITBP and NDRF personnel working within the tunnel. The urgency to save the workers has spurred the deployment of advanced machinery and strategic drilling techniques, demonstrating a collective commitment to a swift and safe rescue.

As the auger machine continues its relentless progress, the nation awaits positive news from the Silkyara tunnel, hopeful that the meticulous efforts will soon lead to the successful extraction of the workers awaiting rescue.

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