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Sonia Gandhi Invited to Commemorate Telangana’s 10th Anniversary by CM Revanth Reddy

Chief Minister A. Revanth Reddy extended an invitation to former Congress president Sonia Gandhi to join the 10th-anniversary celebrations of Telangana State on June 2. Sources indicate that Sonia Gandhi is likely to attend the event. Speaking to the media in New Delhi, Revanth Reddy announced that the Telangana government would unveil the state’s new emblem and anthem on June 2, designed to reflect the region’s rich tradition and culture.

Revanth Reddy emphasized that the new emblem and anthem aim to honor the sacrifices and struggles of the people who fought for statehood. He noted that the emblem’s design focuses on the cultural heritage of Telangana, avoiding any symbols of dictatorship. Instead, it celebrates the spirit of the movements and revolutions led by the people of Telangana against oppressive regimes. The anthem will similarly highlight the stories of sacrifice and the state’s historical legacy.

Addressing the media, Revanth Reddy also touched upon his outreach to BRS chief K. Chandrashekar Rao, urging him to participate in Assembly sessions to collaboratively address issues and improve the state’s governance.

On the contentious Kaleshwaram project, Revanth Reddy mentioned that the government would make future decisions based on the findings of ongoing inquiry committees. He highlighted the significant loss of 52 TMC feet of water, which had been released into the sea due to damage to the Medigadda, Annaram, and Sundilla barrages. Regarding the high electricity costs for the lift irrigation component of the Kaleshwaram scheme, Reddy metaphorically compared it to pouring water into the sea, indicating inefficiency and waste.

The Chief Minister also commented on the ongoing phone-tapping scandal, clarifying that investigations were underway and denying any personal involvement in monitoring the developments.

During his visit to New Delhi, Revanth Reddy held discussions with senior AICC leader K.C. Venugopal, where they deliberated on various matters related to Telangana Formation Day and other pressing issues.

These announcements and engagements underscore Revanth Reddy’s commitment to celebrating Telangana’s statehood while addressing critical issues and controversies facing the state. The unveiling of the new emblem and anthem is intended to foster a sense of pride and unity among Telangana’s citizens by honoring their past struggles and highlighting their cultural identity

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