Thursday, July 25, 2024
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South Korea Lithium Battery Plant Blast:

South Korea Lithium Battery Plant Blast:


An unexpected tragedy struck South Korea. A blast occurred in a lithium battery manufacturing plant in the capital, Seoul. The incident resulted in the deaths of 22 people, with one person still missing. Many workers’ bodies were burnt to ashes.

Among the deceased, 18 were from China. Nine more people were injured in the incident, with several reported to be in critical condition. On Monday, staff were supervising the performance of batteries on the second floor of the company. The explosion happened suddenly while the batteries were being packed. Despite the workers’ attempts to control the flames, they were unsuccessful.

Lithium batteries burn very hot and rapidly. The workers found it difficult to control the fire using normal methods. Upon receiving information, over a dozen fire engines were deployed to bring the flames under control. At the time of the incident, more than 100 workers were present at the site. The Chinese nationals who perished had migrated to South Korea for work.

As soon as the incident was reported, officials from the industrial department reached the site and ordered an investigation into the accident. Authorities estimate that the incident occurred around 10 PM. It is believed that approximately 35,000 lithium battery cells were on the second floor. The plant primarily manufactures batteries for electric vehicles (EVs) and laptops.

South Korea plays a significant role in the production of lithium batteries used in electric vehicles. The country manufactures these batteries for electric vehicles worldwide.

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