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Sudheer Babu :”I’m sorry… I didn’t know he was like that. 

Sudheer Babu :"I'm sorry... I didn't know he was like that.


“Sudheer Babu: “No matter the state of the industry, it always comes together when there is a problem. The fact that celebrities have been posting against Pranith Hanmant over the past three days is commendable. Those who use social media frequently don’t need an introduction to Pranith Hanmant. He runs a YouTube channel with a few friends where they make negative trolls about movies and roast topics that come up in memes for laughs. Those who enjoy these videos like them.

A few days ago, Pranith Hanmant and his friends roasted a meme video. In it, they made disgusting comments linking a father-daughter relationship with something vile. As the video went viral, actor Sai Dharam Tej called for appropriate action against it and urged parents to be cautious when sharing videos of children.

The entire industry has rallied in support of Tej. Every hero has come forward to back Tej and criticize Pranith. Recently, actor Sudheer Babu also shared his opinion on this issue via Twitter, particularly apologizing to the audience. You might wonder why Sudheer is apologizing for someone else’s mistake. It turns out that Pranith Hanmant played a role in Sudheer’s recent film “Harom Har”. Unaware of Pranith’s nature, Sudheer apologized for casting him in the movie. He also stated that people like Pranith should not be let off easily.

“Good or bad, I am not a social media person. I do not forgive such things. I feel very disgusted that Pranith Hanmant acted in “Harom Har”. On behalf of myself and my film crew, I sincerely apologize. We had no idea he was such a person. I did not have the courage to expose him on social media. We must ensure that these tainted minds do not have a platform to spread their filth. This is in no way freedom of speech,” Sudheer expressed. This post has now gone viral on the internet. Additionally, the police have filed a case against Pranith under the POCSO Act, and it is reported that he will be arrested soon.

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