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Suicides: A Growing Concern

Suicides: A Growing Concern


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We frequently hear stories about suicides in the news. Such incidents are happening around us, and the number of suicides is gradually increasing compared to the past. Looking at the nationwide statistics, the number of suicides has reached alarming levels. According to a report released by the National Crime Records Bureau in April, 171,000 people committed suicide in India in 2022. This is a very large number. Over 12 people (12.4) per 100,000 are committing suicide. This is the highest suicide rate recorded in our country to date. Compared to other countries, India has a higher number of suicides.

Causes of This Tragedy

Health experts attribute the main reason for the rise in suicides to depression. They explain that for some, this may be genetic, while for others, it can be due to stress from certain tasks and responsibilities. They identified four main areas related to stress in life: work, finances, family relationships, and health. Experts pointed out that stress primarily revolves around these aspects, increasing and potentially becoming anxiety, then depression, which ultimately poses the risk of leading to suicide.

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Mental Health Issues

Studies have shown that around 50 to 90 percent of those who commit suicide suffer from mental issues such as depression, anxiety, or bipolar disorder. Psychiatrist Shyam Bhatt stated that suicides are the largest public health crisis facing India today. Consultant psychiatrist Shambhavi Jaiman highlighted that the rising trend of suicides in India is concerning, and there is an urgent need to address this issue and find solutions.

Call for Action

Therefore, it is suggested to help anyone who appears to be in mental distress or shows signs of depression as much as possible and encourage them to seek professional help from mental health experts.

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