Wednesday, July 24, 2024
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Sunil Gavaskar Angry at Star Sports

Sunil Gavaskar Angry at Star Sports


The superb innings which Rohit Sharma batted against Australia in the T20 World Cup Super 8 is getting immense appreciation. The Mumbaikar scored 92 runs off 41 balls before getting bowled out by left-arm pacer Mitchell Starc. However, the former great cricketer-turned-commentator Sunil Gavaskar was angry at the official broadcaster, Star Sports, for their over-enthusiastic display during the match.

When Rohit got out, the broadcaster repeatedly showed a graphic highlighting that Rohit Sharma frequently gets out to left-arm pacers. Gavaskar finally got irritated; he gave a strict warning to the broadcaster from the commentator box and said, “What do you think about our Rohit?”

But despite Rohit’s splendid performance, the broadcaster somehow managed to concentrate on his getting dismissed, especially by a left-arm bowler, just as if he was trying to indicate his weakness. Gavaskar asked whether they were trying to highlight it to the bowlers. He was upset that they were repeatedly showing the same graphic instead of Rohit’s sixes and fours.

Seated next to Gavaskar, former Australian player and commentator Aaron Finch tried to mediate. He said that the graphic was relevant as many teams – including the Australian team which is playing against India currently – have left-arm pacers who trouble the Indian opener. But Gavaskar would have none of Finch’s explanation, asking how Rohit managed to score 92 runs then if he had such a weakness.

As the debate went ahead, netizens rapidly looked up how many left-arm pacers are in the England team that India is supposed to take on in the semis. They found three: Reece Topley. Now, netizens warn captain Rohit to deal carefully with these bowlers.

Finch said every team now has a bank of left-arm pacers, so it’s bound to happen with the Indian opener. But Gavaskar wasn’t one to back down; he responded with Rohit’s fine 92-run effort.

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