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Suraj Revanna Arrested for Unnatural Sexual Assault on Male Worker   

Suraj Revanna Arrested for Unnatural Sexual Assault on Male Worker   


In Karnataka politics, Suraj, the son of former minister Revanna, was arrested in connection with a sexual assault case involving a JDS employee. The CID is now in charge of this case’s investigation. Nonetheless, Revanna’s relatives guarantee that these claims are essential for a slanderous attack.

Previous State head Deve Gowda’s family has been more than once disturbed by charges of inappropriate behavior. While Revanna’s more youthful child is now in prison over a lewd behavior case, his senior child, Suraj Revanna, has now been captured on comparable charges. Suraj Revanna was taken into custody on suspicion of raping a party worker. The Karnataka government has moved the case to the CID. MLC Suraj Revanna is confronting allegations of unnatural sexual demonstrations. Suraj was accused of sexual assault by a 27-year-old JDS worker, who claimed the incident took place on the 16th of this month at a farmhouse in the Hassan district. Thus, the police captured Suraj Revanna. Suraj denied the claims, expressing that the allegations were made on the grounds that he wouldn’t pay 5 crore rupees.

The casualty by and by documented a grumbling with the Karnataka DGP, claiming that Suraj Revanna physically attacked him. Suraj addresses the JDS as a MLC, having been chosen for the Authoritative Committee from the Hassan region nearby bodies in 2022. The CID authorities directed a top to bottom examination concerning the assault case.

Revanna’s other child, Prajwal Revanna, has likewise been detained for an assault case including a lady. Prajwal, who was embroiled in an erotic entertainment case, was captured at Kempegowda Global Air terminal in Bengaluru after getting back to the country. Suraj is said to have lured the victim into a trap by promising a job. Suraj allegedly threatened to kill the victim if he told anyone after the rape at the farmhouse. Suraj Revanna has energetically denied all claims against him.

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