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Suraram Inspector Arrested for Accepting Bribe of Rs 1 Lakh: Insights into Recent Corruption Cases

Suraram Inspector Arrested for Accepting Bribe of Rs 1 Lakh: Insights into Recent Corruption Cases


In recent developments in Hyderabad, the Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) has made significant strides in upholding integrity within the local administrative framework. The arrest of Suraram Inspector Akula Venkatesham, along with other officials, underscores the ongoing battle against corrupt practices.

Incident Overview

On a fateful Friday, Inspector Akula Venkatesham of Suraram Police Station was apprehended by ACB officials right within the police station premises. The charge? Accepting a bribe amounting to Rs 1 lakh from Ratnakaram Raju, a resident of Gajularamaram. This sum was allegedly solicited in exchange for allowing Raju to proceed with developmental activities on his property.

Details Uncovered

According to ACB reports, Inspector Venkatesham initially demanded Rs 5 lakh from Raju. After negotiations, he settled for an upfront payment of Rs 1 lakh. Shockingly, this wasn’t the first instance of Venkatesham’s involvement in such illicit transactions. Previously, he was found to have accepted Rs 2 lakh to prevent legal actions against Raju.

Parallel Corruption Case

In a separate but equally troubling incident, the ACB also apprehended Revenue Inspector Sangam Durgaiah from Nyalkal mandal in Sangareddy district. Durgaiah was caught red-handed accepting a bribe of Rs 70,000 from farmer Hippergone Mallappa. The bribe was allegedly linked to expediting paperwork related to land assigned for a government initiative.

Legal Ramifications

Both accused officials underwent chemical tests that confirmed traces of bribe money on their hands. Subsequently, the ACB seized the illicit funds and proceeded with their arrest. Following standard procedure, Venkatesham and Durgaiah were presented before the court for judicial remand, awaiting further legal proceedings.

Anti-Corruption Initiatives

These arrests mark significant milestones in the ACB’s ongoing efforts to root out corruption from administrative bodies. By enforcing stringent measures and ensuring swift legal action, the ACB aims to restore public trust and uphold transparency in governance. Such initiatives are crucial in fostering a fair and equitable system that serves the interests of all citizens.


The recent arrests of Inspector Akula Venkatesham and Revenue Inspector Sangam Durgaiah serve as stark reminders of the prevalence of corruption within bureaucratic circles. However, they also reflect the dedication of authorities to combat such malpractices rigorously. As investigations continue and legal proceedings unfold, the public remains vigilant, hopeful for a cleaner administrative environment where integrity prevails over exploitation.

By staying informed and supporting anti-corruption efforts, individuals can contribute to building a more accountable society where justice prevails and public resources are utilized for the collective good.

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