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Suriya’s Pan-India Stardom: Highly Anticipated Movie “Kanguva”

Suriya's Pan-India Stardom: Highly Anticipated Movie "Kanguva"


He is not only a hero in the South but has emerged as one creating much stardom and market at the pan-India level. The tag attached to Suriya is that if he does any movie, it will definitely prove to be a blockbuster. He has been coming consistently with different genres and unique stories, and “Kanguva” is no exception. So many updates have already come regarding this movie, and from those, it is clear that this film will be a milestone for cinema in India. Now, all the fans are waiting for its release, and now the release date has been announced.

Expectations for Suriya’s “Kanguva” Run on a Pan-India Level; this time, even Bollywood audiences are eagerly waiting to see this movie. The plot is exciting, and it is also known that Bobby Deol will play the role of the antagonist. To be on par with Suriya’s performance, a very strong villain is required, and thus, the expectations about this movie are running high all over India. The makers want to bring this film to audiences as soon as possible, and they have now officially released the release date along with a new poster.

A new poster has been shared by the “Kanguva” team recently. This poster has one special highlight – the official announcement of the release date of the movie. The movie is going to release worldwide on 10th October. This movie is shot in a dual role – Suriya as a warrior in history and as a fighter in the present. Even one poster revealed this idea and raised expectations of the movie. With Siva at the helm, the expectations reached a new high. First looks and the teaser that have been released so far only elevated the expectations of the movie. That is a very different poster, standing on a heap of bodies, and with the sword raised in the air- the newly released poster shows Suriya. The huge star cast includes Disha Patani, Natarajan Subramaniam, Jagapathi Babu, Yogi Babu, Redin Kingsley, Kovai Sarala, Anand Raj, and Marimuthu among others in important roles. Share your thoughts in the comments about the release of “Kanguva” on October 10 during the festival season.

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