Thursday, July 25, 2024
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Surya Questions Government After 47 Deaths from Contaminated Alcohol

Surya Questions Government After 47 Deaths from Contaminated Alcohol


Surya: There is no need to talk separately about Kollywood actor Surya. If his movies are doing well on one side.. personally Surya tolerates hatred. He does not retaliate if fans are disappointed. If any harm happens in society, he sensitively responds to it. Sometimes he even opposes the government. Now again Surya.. questioned the government.

After consuming illicit liquor in Kallakurichilu, Tamil Nadu, 47 people died and another 100 people have been severely affected. Surya did not write a detailed article on this incident recently. He demanded immediate action by the government to stop violence against their own people.

Surya made this statement on Twitter. “The deaths of around 50 people in a small town due to disasters such as storms, rains, and floods even during the difficult times. Now, the fact that even more people are staying in hospitals due to consuming toxic liquor is heartbreaking. Their cries of the deceased are breaking my heart. Shouldn’t we react to them with any words? Now, political parties, businesses, media, and people are expressing their views, protests, and desires. The government and administration should take immediate actions to reduce the losses. Various measures are being taken to solve the current crisis, but permanent solutions are needed.

In Mithanal in Villupuram district, 22 people died after consuming poison. The government has taken strict steps. Now in Purogu district, people are silently dying after consuming the same toxic liquor. The situation where such incidents are not being stopped until now is very alarming. Looking at the sufferings of the affected people, Tamil Nadu is gradually suffering the consequences of the powerful administrations that have been controlling our lives in a forceful manner. The way of consuming alcohol only enhances personal problems, not only for individuals but also for families and society. By encouraging the people, the governments should immediately act to stop the violence against their own people. Each district should start rehabilitation centers to rescue those addicted to alcohol. The government is implementing various policies with a vision of education, and at the same time, they need to implement effective programs for alcohol addicts.

If the government, political parties operate with foresight, such tragic deaths can be prevented in the future. After Tamil Nadu Chief Minister temporarily approved a rehabilitation program, they will make decisions based on the benefits of the people with a foresight on the prohibition order, as I wish. I am severely condemning the illegal trafficking of poisons. I am informing deeply saddened condolences to the deceased. I am requesting for those in hospitals to be treated promptly. Now we introduce a new law..! We will protect it from now on,” he said. Currently, this article has gone viral on the internet. Fans are praising Surya for questioning the government on the letter. It is important to see how the Tamil Nadu government responds to Surya’s letter.

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