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“Suspicion Looms in Halting ‘Guntur Kaaram’ Pre-Release Event”

The sudden denial of permission by the TS Police for hosting the “Guntur Kaaram” pre-release event at Police Grounds, Yousufguda, has sent shockwaves through the entertainment industry and left fans disheartened. The event, initially scheduled for January 6th, had been eagerly anticipated by fans, who had been informed of the date through various official channels, including Gulte and the film’s production house.

While a prominent event organizing company had taken the reins to orchestrate the event in a grand manner, past discrepancies related to parking and organizational lapses seem to have played a role in the denial of permission. Sources indicate that the organizers were optimistic about receiving the green light from the police, despite not securing formal permission in advance. This oversight has resulted in a significant setback, especially considering the substantial investments made in promotional materials like flexis and cutouts that now lie in limbo.

The abrupt turn of events has left the production house in a quandary, scrambling to salvage the situation and uphold their commitment to fans. As a result, alternative venues such as JRC, LB Stadium, and Khaithalapur KPHB Grounds are under consideration, with hopes of securing permission to host the event as planned on January 6th.

In a bid to navigate this unexpected hurdle, reports suggest that the film’s makers are leveraging their political connections to expedite the approval process. While the situation remains fluid, one thing is clear: the race against time has intensified, with the production house and organizers working tirelessly to ensure that the “Guntur Kaaram” pre-release event lives up to expectations, regardless of the venue.

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