Thursday, July 25, 2024
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Tamil Nadu: Tilak Ban for Students – New Rules Explained

Tamil Nadu: Tilak Ban for Students – New Rules Explained


Hey there! Exciting news from Tamil Nadu – some new rules are coming up for students, like no more tilak on the forehead. When governments make decisions about students, it always gets people talking all over the country. Like remember when the whole hijab issue in Karnataka reached the Supreme Court and got everyone’s attention? Well, now Tamil Nadu is getting ready to roll out some fresh rules. So, starting now, students can’t have a tilak on their foreheads or mention their caste in their names. Breaking these rules will get you into trouble.

The Tamil Nadu government has made this big decision to stop students from wearing any caste-related stuff like tilak, rings, bands, or even including their caste in their names. Any student who breaks these rules will face serious consequences. The official gazette will soon have all these rules laid out. The main aim behind this decision is to control any conflicts related to caste in schools. A special committee was put together a while back to look into this matter and they just recently submitted their report to the Chief Minister.

So why did the Stalin government decide on all this? Back in August 2023, there was an incident at a school in Tirunelveli, Nanguneri where two brothers from the Scheduled Caste community were attacked by students from another community because of caste discrimination. It caused quite a stir. That’s when the government put together that committee led by Justice K. Chandru to figure out how they could stop caste-based discrimination in schools. And now, they’re all set to put these new rules into action.

To get rid of caste discrimination once and for all, the Stalin government is taking some big steps. They’re saying no more wristbands, rings, forehead marks that show your caste at school. Even bicycles with symbols related to castes won’t be allowed anymore. The report also suggests informing parents about these rules and taking strict action against students who don’t follow them. Oh, and no more caste or religious parades or drills at school grounds either! They want to educate kids in grades 6-12 about social issues like caste discrimination, sexual violence, and crimes against SC/ST communities through awareness programs too.

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