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Tata Motors introduced electric vehicles with modern technology

A couple of days ago, Tata Motors has introduced its all-new electric vehicle concept -CURVV – in India. The concept is all about a powerful and voguish SUV typology with an ultra-modern design and invigorating presentations.

The CURVV features a sloping roofline and has a couple-like design, which is similar to the Nexon EV. This version will be launched in 2024, and it will be the first mid-size electric SUV in Tata Motors’ EV portfolio, as the Curvv EV is planned to be placed above the Nexon.

The managing director of Tata Motors, Sailesh Chandra said, ” New promise, new design, new thought put together in Curvv. With the concept Curvv, we now enter the Generation 2 EV architecture which will further level the adoption of EVs in India by overwhelming the current barriers.”

The large offset of the front and rare fenders gives a sense of power on the wheels. The exterior design is fascinating with a raised ride height, tough cladding, and powerful proportions. To elucidate its profile, the floating bonnet allows airflow to channel underneath, exiting through triangular features further up the surface. The wheels consist of aero blade insertions to cover the open area and allow sufficient airflow across the surfaces. 

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