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TDP Office Vandalization Case:       

TDP Office Vandalization Case


Lella Appireddy: The proverb “those who commit sins are haunted by them” seems to fit some YSRCP leaders perfectly. Some YSRCP leaders, who were once arrogant due to their power, are now in a state of turmoil. They are anxious about how to navigate the next five years. Recently, YSRCP leader Lella Appireddy filed an anticipatory bail petition in the TDP office damage case. The hearing is scheduled for Friday.

The investigation into the TDP office damage case is progressing swiftly. The police have arrested the accused and produced them in court. The court has imposed a 14-day remand on them. The police have gathered evidence to arrest the main culprits. They are planning to arrest key suspects, including Devineni Avinash and Lella Appireddy, possibly by tomorrow or the day after. In the meantime, YSRCP leader Lella Appireddy has filed an anticipatory bail petition in the High Court, with the hearing set for Friday. The outcome of the court’s decision is eagerly awaited by YSRCP leaders.

Additionally, the police are investigating who might have instigated Appireddy and Avinash. They are exploring whether orders came from the Tadepalli Palace and suspect that an advisor at the time might have been behind the attack. On October 19, 2021, there was an attack on the TDP headquarters near Mangalagiri. YSRCP supporters, arriving in cars on both sides of the office, launched an assault with sticks, rods, and stones. They destroyed chairs, tables, and glass panes in the office and even beat up TDP workers who tried to intervene. TDP leaders and victims filed complaints with the police, but initially, the case was not given much attention. Recently, with the change in the AP government, the police have expedited the investigation.

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