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Teachers Day Special: PM Modi announces new scheme

New Delhi, Sep 5: Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced a new initiative on the occasion of Teachers Day on Monday. PM announced PM SHRI Schools (PM ScHools for Rising India) scheme, as the nation is celebrating Teachers Day. PM SHRI Schools will be a new centrally sponsored scheme for upgradation and development of the schools across the country. About 14500 schools will be selected and upgraded under the new initiative. The schools will be selected from all states and both schools run by state governments and those under Central Government agencies will be chosen under the scheme for upgrading. 

PM Modi has been focusing on transforming education system in India and has introduced several landmark initiatives in education sphere. With PM SHRI Schools initiative, Narendra Modi Govt aims to create model for perfect schools in the country and bring in a transformational change in the education system. Therefore under the scheme, not just infrastructure facilities will be strengthened but innovative methods in teaching methods, learning practices, activities focused on wholesale development of the children and others will be introduced in the schools. The amount of budget to be sanctioned to the scheme will be announced soon. 

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