Thursday, July 25, 2024
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Telangana: Administrative Overhaul Accelerates, Suspense Continues Over IAS Transfers

Telangana: Administrative Overhaul Accelerates, Suspense Continues Over IAS Transfers


The Telangana government is intensifying its efforts to transfer several IAS officers, with the potential for some senior IAS officers to be relocated. On Saturday, the state government appointed new collectors for 20 districts but did not assign postings to 10 IAS officers, who are currently in the waiting list. These officers include VP Gautham, P. Uday Kumar, Pamela Satpathy, Bhavesh Mishra, Yasmin Basha, G. Ravi, Harichandan Dasari, S. Venkata Rao, Tripathi, and A. Priyanka. In addition to these officers, the government is considering the transfer of some senior officials who have been appointed during the BRS regime and have remained in their positions for an extended period.

Vacancies in Key Departments:

The state currently lacks a principal secretary for the critical departments of commercial taxes and excise. Sunil Sharma, who served as the special principal secretary for these departments, retired on May 31. Since his retirement, the government has not appointed anyone to these positions, nor has it assigned additional responsibilities to any other officer. It is reported that Navin Mittal, the principal secretary of the revenue department, is vying for these responsibilities. Additionally, Sandeep Kumar Sultania, the principal secretary of the panchayat raj and rural development department, is also reportedly interested in these posts.

Given the current financial crisis, it is crucial to appoint a competent officer to these revenue-generating departments. Therefore, the government is rigorously evaluating potential candidates. The focus is on appointing an efficient senior officer.

Election Commission and Other Key Roles:

The government is also considering bringing Vikas Raj, the Chief Electoral Officer (CEO) of the state, additional CEO Lokesh Kumar, and joint CEO Sarfaraz Ahmed into the administration. Decisions regarding their postings and the appointment of a new Chief Electoral Officer are currently under review. Secret reports and intelligence reports related to the officers are being examined, and the government is preparing to undertake the transfers soon.

This administrative reshuffle aims to ensure that the most capable officers are in charge of crucial departments, especially in light of the current financial challenges faced by the state.

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