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Telangana Bonalu Festival: July 7-14 in Secunderabad   

Telangana Bonalu Festival: July 7-14 in Secunderabad   


The Bonalu festival, a symbol of Telangana’s cultural traditions, has begun with great fanfare. The month of Ashadha started on Saturday. After ten years of BRS rule, the newly formed Congress government intends to celebrate this year’s Bonalu festival with grandeur. The government is making meticulous arrangements to match this intention.

The Bonalu festival, which starts at Golconda and lasts for a month, will commence with the first Sunday at the Golconda Fort, featuring offerings to the goddess, the first Bonam, processions of fruit carts, Rangam, and Baligampa processions. On Friday, given the Bonalu to be held on Sunday, local devotees performed pujas along the route to the Sri Jagadambika Amma temple, coinciding with Amavasya. As part of the Bonalu festival, which will be celebrated for four weeks, the Bonalu celebrations of the Ujjaini Mahankali Amma temple in Secunderabad will be held on the 14th of this month. Subsequently, on the 21st, the Bonalu festival of Simhavahini Amma at Lal Darwaza will be held, followed by the conclusion of the Bonalu festival at Golconda Fort.

 Arrangements for Devotees

For devotees attending the Golconda Bonalu, the Water Board has made special arrangements for drinking water. From the starting point at the fort’s steps to the area where Bonalu is held, facilities for drinking water have been set up. Necessary arrangements such as water drums, Sintex tanks, pumps, and special sheds in cooking areas have been made. Continuous water supply through pipelines will be ensured. Additionally, water packets and glasses are made available, and tents are set up near water camps. Water supply points have been arranged at various locations, including Ramadasu Bandikhan, Chotabazar, GHMC ward office, and Langar House.

### Funds for Temples

The state government has already started distributing funds to beautify temples in the city and surrounding areas in honor of the Bonalu festival. The festival’s events, including the Laskhar Bonalu on the 14th and the Bonalu in the Old City and New City on the 21st, are being prepared by various government departments to ensure they proceed peacefully. Special security arrangements are being made, especially in sensitive areas like the Old City.

 Hyderabad Collector’s Supervision

Hyderabad District Collector Anudeep Durishetty stated that comprehensive arrangements are being made to ensure that devotees face no inconvenience during the Ashada month Bonalu. The Collector emphasized the importance of maintaining cleanliness around the temples and ensuring that traffic issues do not arise by preventing vehicle parking on the roads. He urged that the festivities be conducted in a peaceful atmosphere.

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