Thursday, July 25, 2024
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Telangana CM Revanth Reddy’s Warning to Land Grabbers:

Telangana CM Revanth Reddy's Warning to Land Grabbers


Every person has their eyes on government land, waiting for it to become vacant so they can grab it immediately. This is something we regularly witness. The recent Miyapur incident is also similar. Therefore, the government has decided to focus seriously on these land grabs and take action to curb them. To this end, Chief Minister Revanth Reddy has decided to set up a special division. What is this division, and what will it do?

Even if not daily, we hear or see the term ‘land grab’ at least weekly. Especially within the Greater Hyderabad area, it seems like nothing is exempt from being grabbed. If a vacant place is spotted, boards are planted there overnight. Land worth crores of rupees is grabbed, and then the culprits themselves approach the courts. These cases remain pending in courts for years, preventing the government from utilizing the land. Some others build huts on government land. The recent Miyapur incident is the best example of this, where government property was grabbed under the pretext of providing land to the poor, and the police had to intervene and remove them. For three to four days, the police had to set up a picket there. Such actions cause losses to the government.

Therefore, the government has undertaken measures to protect government properties not only in the city but also in the suburban areas. A special wing will be established under the leadership of a senior IPS officer. This special wing, named the Property Protection Division, will crack down on land grabbers. This officer will report directly to the Secretary of the Municipal Department or the relevant department minister. A related Government Order (GO) is expected to be issued soon. The government will grant certain special powers to this wing. Currently, revenue officers are monitoring land grabs, but due to other responsibilities, they cannot fully focus on this issue. A dedicated wing will always be focused on this task, recommending criminal actions against those who have grabbed land and identifying and protecting such lands.

Currently, land prices within the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) limits, as well as HMDA limits, are extremely high. Land prices per acre run into hundreds of crores of rupees. As prices rise, so do land grabs. Influential people with political connections have already grabbed government lands. They purchase private land adjacent to government land and then try to encroach on the government land. They even manipulate records with the help of lower-level revenue staff.

But now, this will not be possible. The special wing will take strict action against them. With the government’s decision, land grabbers are starting to worry. Those who have already engaged in such activities are now nervous. They had previously relied on their political influence and power. Now, the government is also serious. In this context, officials will also act tough. So, be careful, land grabbers.

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