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Telangana Congress Government Sets New Record in Grain Procurement

The Telangana Congress government has achieved a remarkable milestone in grain procurement, setting a new record in purchasing grain from farmers and ensuring timely payments. This season, an impressive Rs. 10,355.18 crores have been deposited into the accounts of 8,35,109 farmers, all within three days of procurement. This swift payment process reflects the government’s commitment to supporting farmers under the strict directives of Chief Minister A. Revanth Reddy.

Prompt and Efficient Procurement Process

The Congress government’s initiative to purchase wet grain directly from farmers at procurement centers has been a game-changer. The civil supplies department took extensive measures to prevent any loss to farmers due to adverse weather conditions like strong winds and untimely rains. This proactive approach ensured that the quality of the grain was maintained, and farmers received fair compensation without delay.

Leading Districts in Grain Procurement

Several districts have been at the forefront of this successful grain procurement drive. Notable among them are Jagital, Kamareddy, Karimnagar, Medak, Nalgonda, Nizamabad, Peddapalli, Siddipet, Sircilla, Suryapet, Yadadri-Bhongir, Sangareddy, Nirmal, Mancherial, and Jangoan. The increased number of procurement centers played a crucial role in this achievement. This year, the government opened 7,178 grain purchase centers, compared to previous years when the centers typically opened in April. This time, procurement began almost two weeks earlier, on March 25, accommodating the early harvest and ensuring smooth operations.

Impressive Procurement Statistics

As of June 7, the state has procured 47.07 lakh metric tonnes of grain. The civil supplies department estimates that the procurement process is nearing completion in many areas, with grain expected to reach all centers within the next ten days. To further support farmers, all districts have been instructed to keep the procurement centers open until the end of the month. This ensures that farmers who planted their crops late are not inconvenienced and can still sell their produce at the government centers.

Adjusting to Market Dynamics

Initially, the civil supplies department estimated that the total grain procurement for this year would be around 75.4 lakh metric tonnes. However, due to higher market prices and increased competition from private traders, the amount of grain arriving at government centers has decreased. Despite this, the government’s initiative has provided a stable and reliable option for farmers, ensuring they receive a fair price for their produce without having to rely solely on market fluctuations.

Commitment to Farmers’ Welfare

This record-setting grain procurement drive by the Telangana Congress government showcases its dedication to agricultural development and farmers’ welfare. By ensuring timely payments and providing sufficient procurement centers, the government has significantly alleviated the financial pressures on farmers, promoting a more sustainable and prosperous agricultural sector in the state. This proactive approach and efficient management highlight the government’s resolve to support the farming community and enhance the overall agricultural landscape of Telangana.

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