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Telangana girl’s death in US, pushes family into grief

The shocking gunfire incident near Dallas in Texas state, US claimed lives of 9 people. Tatikonda Ishwarya, a 27-year-old techie from Hyderabad also lost her life in the gunfire incident, that occurred on Saturday. Ishwarya is daughter of Narsi Reddy, a judge at Ranga Reddy Courts. 

As the news of Ishwarya Reddy’s death spread, friends, relatives and well wishers of her family are arriving at her residence in Saroornagar in Hyderabad. Visitors are expressing condolences to the grieving family. Tatikonda Aishwarya’s untimely death has become a point of discussion in Saroornagar and surrounding areas. 

Ministers Sabita Indra Reddy, KTR, TPCC president Revanth Reddy, MLA Sudheer Reddy and others expressed condolences to the bereaved family. 

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