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Telangana Must Become Global Destination, Says CM Revanth Reddy

Telangana Chief Minister A. Revanth Reddy, in a spirited address on Sunday, declared that Telangana must aspire to be an ideal destination for the world, with Hyderabad emerging as a leading global brand. Speaking at the 10th-anniversary celebrations of Telangana Formation Day held at Parade Ground in Secunderabad, Reddy emphasized the collective effort required to achieve this vision.

Vision for a Global Telangana

Reddy highlighted the need for Telangana to become an exemplary state, setting standards for others worldwide. “Everyone should think in the direction of making the State an ideal destination for the world,” he urged, envisioning a future where Telangana competes not just with other Indian states but on a global stage.

Collective Effort for Development

Emphasizing the importance of inclusive governance, Reddy called for the support of Telangana’s four crore people along with various societal pillars, including the political, administrative, judicial, and media sectors. He stressed that the blessings and support of the people are essential for a truly people’s government.

Achievements and Initiatives

Reflecting on the accomplishments of the Congress government since it came to power on December 7, 2023, Reddy detailed various initiatives undertaken to enhance the state’s infrastructure and resources. One of the key focus areas has been securing legitimate water shares from the Krishna and Godavari Rivers. Reddy highlighted the government’s efforts to resolve water disputes and efficiently implement irrigation plans.

Resolving Property Sharing Issues

With Hyderabad’s status as a joint capital with Andhra Pradesh officially ending, Reddy assured that the Congress government is committed to resolving all property sharing issues with Andhra Pradesh promptly. “We will resolve the issues related to property sharing with Andhra Pradesh as soon as possible,” he stated, underscoring the need for swift and amicable solutions.

Master Plan for Green Telangana-2050

Looking towards the future, Reddy unveiled plans for the “Green Telangana-2050” master plan. This ambitious plan will categorize the state into three zones, each with specific developmental goals and infrastructure projects. The master plan aims to address crucial infrastructure needs and promote sustainable development across Telangana.

Strengthening Telangana’s Global Standing

Reddy asserted that Telangana possesses the necessary power, strength, intelligence, and determination to rise as a global contender. He also reminded the audience of the state’s rich history of sacrifices, which underpins its current and future achievements. “Telangana should not compete with other States but with the world, and for that, we have to become stronger to spread our power globally,” he emphasized.

Celebratory Events and Reviews

The 10th-anniversary celebrations included a review of the parade by various contingents of Telangana police, NCC cadets, and students from residential welfare institutions. Reddy praised the participants and reiterated the importance of unity and collective effort in driving the state towards its ambitious goals.


Chief Minister Revanth Reddy’s address at the Telangana Formation Day celebrations was a call to action for all citizens to contribute to the state’s growth and global standing. By harnessing collective efforts and focusing on sustainable development, Telangana aims to not only excel domestically but also make a significant impact on the global stage. The unveiling of the Green Telangana-2050 master plan marks a significant step towards a sustainable and prosperous future for the state.

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