Thursday, July 25, 2024
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Telangana Political Story: Revanth’s ‘Secret Mission’ Success

Telangana Political Story: Revanth's 'Secret Mission' Success


Six BRS MLCs Switch to Congress Party, Revanth Reddy’s Secret Mission Succeeds:
In a significant political move, six MLCs from the Bharat Rashtra Samithi (BRS) have joined the Congress party. This move has increased the Congress’s strength in the legislative council to 12 members, and with an ally, the total rises to 13. The BRS currently holds 21 seats in the council. The addition of a few more MLCs could enable Congress to pass bills in the council. Both the BRS and Congress are tight-lipped about these developments, adding to the suspense. Revanth Reddy’s strategic planning seems to be paying off, using tactics reminiscent of KCR’s earlier maneuvers.

Revanth’s Strategic Moves:
Revanth Reddy is strategically working to increase the number of Congress MLAs by the time of the assembly budget meetings. By inducting BRS MLAs, he is weakening the BRS psychologically, ensuring no leaks about who is joining the Congress. This has led to a situation where even BRS members are suspicious of each other. Amidst this uncertainty, the BRS received a significant blow on Thursday night when six of its MLCs joined the Congress, causing a sensation.

Midnight Inductions:
The MLCs’ induction into the Congress happened discreetly, without any prior speculation. At 1 AM, in the presence of Chief Minister Revanth Reddy, the MLCs donned the Congress scarves. State Affairs In-charge Deepadasu Munshi, Minister Ponguleti Srinivas Reddy, CM Advisor Ven Narender Reddy, and Khairatabad DCC President Rohin Reddy were also present.

Ongoing Inductions:
Congress leaders from TPCC claim that there will be continuous inductions, targeting 25 MLAs. With six already inducted, more are expected to join soon. With these new members, the Congress currently has 71 members in the Telangana Legislative Council. The total strength of the council is 40 members, with two seats currently vacant. The Congress now has 12 members, and with the support of a left-wing MLC, it reaches 13. The addition of five more seats could give the Congress a majority in the council. The BJP currently has two members. With this strength, the Revanth Reddy government can push through key bills without much difficulty.

Recent Inductions:
BRS MLCs Basavaraju Sarayya, Bhanu Prasad, Dande Vithal, M.S. Prabhakar, Yegge Mallesham, and Buggarapu Dayanand switched parties. After meeting at a hotel in Hyderabad on Thursday evening, they reached CM Revanth Reddy’s residence in Jubilee Hills at midnight and joined the Congress as soon as the CM returned from his Delhi trip.

Speculation and Strategic Moves:
For the past few days, there has been widespread speculation in political circles about BRS MLAs joining the Congress. Media discussions also highlighted specific MLAs potentially switching parties. However, due to the precautionary measures taken by the party, the public and party members were unaware of who and when someone would switch parties. Congress leaders are pleased with Revanth Reddy’s strategies that are successfully implemented without opposition parties catching wind. For instance, Danam Nagender, who publicly denied switching parties, joined the Congress the very next day. Similarly, Bhadrachalam MLA, who stated he wouldn’t hurt the sentiments of party workers, joined the Congress. Such strategic moves have left the BRS unsure of whom to trust.

Revanth’s Strategic Replication of KCR’s Tactics:
The Congress is implementing strategies reminiscent of KCR’s past tactics. Revanth Reddy is reportedly following KCR’s earlier methods to prevent Bhatti Vikramarka from gaining opposition status. This includes the past comment by Revanth Reddy that KCR should count his MLAs every day. The current strategy is creating similar twists and turns, as discussed in political circles.

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