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Telangana Skill University:

Telangana Skill University:


Chief Minister Revanth Reddy is continuing his distinctive governance style, addressing the needs of the people without hesitation. Every year, thousands of students in Telangana graduate with engineering degrees but lag in jobs due to a lack of proper skills. Recognizing this issue, CM Revanth Reddy has focused on it.

The Chief Minister is considering establishing a Skill University in Telangana and has discussed this with officials. He has instructed education and industry officials to submit a report by the 23rd of this month. If everything goes as planned, there is a possibility of introducing a bill on this matter in the budget sessions. CM Revanth Reddy discussed with officials the best location for setting up Skill University, suggesting that an engineering staff college would be suitable.

On Monday, CM Revanth Reddy met with industrial leaders at the Engineering Staff College in Gachibowli to gather opinions from industrialists and officials regarding the establishment of Skill University. He emphasized the need to set up a board similar to ISB. He instructed officials to consider whether the government should take full responsibility for the Skill University or if it should be established through a public-private partnership (PPP) model.

There is a possibility of appointing a consultant to prepare the necessary proposals and project reports for the university’s establishment. Before this meeting, CM Revanth Reddy inspected the convention center being constructed at the Engineering Staff College. He spent over half an hour there, inquiring about the facilities.

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