Thursday, July 25, 2024
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“Telangana’s Navy Radar Station ,Minister Clarifies, Debunks Allegations, and Highlights Strategic Importance”


Minister Konda Surekha of Telangana recently addressed concerns surrounding the establishment of a Navy Radar Station in the Damagudem forest area. According to the minister, the initiative was set in motion by the previous BRS government, and he clarified that the state has incurred no loss due to this project. Notably, the reserve forest lands for the radar station were allocated during the BRS period, and all required permissions were granted at that time. The Congress government, upon assuming power, completed the process by signing the pending Joint Inspection Visit (JIV) file. Minister Surekha emphasized that their government did not propose this initiative and underscored that the establishment of the radar station would not negatively impact the people of Telangana.

Furthermore, Minister Surekha debunked allegations made by BRS leaders, labeling them as false and part of a misguided propaganda effort against their government. He urged against engaging in politics over issues that are ultimately beneficial to the people. The minister expressed a commitment to ensuring that the state garners a positive reputation and asserted that the radar station project is intended to contribute to national security without causing harm locally. The Indian Navy’s decision to set up the second VLF communication station in Damagudem forest area reflects a strategic move to enhance the country’s defense capabilities.

In conclusion, the establishment of the Navy Radar Station in Telangana has undergone thorough scrutiny and approval processes. Minister Konda Surekha clarified the historical context, assuring that the state’s interests were safeguarded throughout the development of this significant project. The radar station is poised to play a pivotal role in bolstering national security, marking a noteworthy addition to the country’s defense infrastructure.

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